Vastu and Personality Development

July 31, 20220

These days, confidence of people on Vastu Shastra has a strong influence
and it can create a huge difference in their lives. Sometimes, people tend to
think that Vastu Shastra is only concerned with the buildings, their
position, lay-out, directions but on the contrary it deals with many more
things that people can imagine. Moreover, Vastu and science always
compliments each other and at the same time can create all the difference
in human minds. Vastu and its guidelines can help someone to help in
personality development.
The science behind the Vastu not only helps in keeping the atmosphere of
the house positive and makes a positive energy home but also affects the
personality of the all the person who live in that house. Continuous flow of
positive energies from different zone of Vastu has the power to enhance
one’s persona. On the other hand if the house is full of negative energies
then personality of the person living in the house can get worse.
As per Vastu Shastra, each direction or zone has specific characteristics
which has the power to make a strong impact in the behaviour and
personality of those residing in the house. For example, the north eastern
direction is dedicated to water. Water has a natural characteristic of
movement. The residents living in this direction adopt this special
characteristic in their personality too.
For example – The northwest zone is the place of wind element, which is
always on the move and never static. The wind element creates a pleasant
environment and helps to polish up the communication. The northwest
direction helps in maintaining mutual harmony and enhancing inter
personal relationships.  This naturally results in healthy atmosphere,
increased efficiency, productivity and success.
In each and every section of the practical events and experiences in an
individual’s life bear ample testimony to this fact that Vastu helps to
improve the personality of human beings. But one needs to take care of

other things such as horoscope to have a proper impact and perfect results
in developing one’s personality.

It is, therefore, apparent that adherence to Vastu principles enhances
personality development and assures integrated progress.

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