Taurus Daily Forecast

APR 20-MAY 20

Taurus people can feel very relaxed during this time and easy money flow will be there for them in August. They are advised to spend time with relatives during this month and remember the happy and funny times…but people who have skin problems, please take extra precautions for your skincare and always try to be a hygienic person. The chance of misunderstanding can also occur with a senior position in offices, so try to avoid arguments. The chance of a very big deal or promotion to crack in this month.. generally an excellent period for Taurus people…so contribute positive deeds to society like serving Khand (sugar) for insects in the rainy season under banyan trees…it will help in overcoming health problems.. overall a joyful period for Taurus. Taurus people can put Sankha (conch) in the southwest direction for materialising gain, and people born on dates 2/11/20 of the August month should avoid 8 number dates for important work in their lives.

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