Flow of energy determines the nature of life’s course. In this world where everybody is running wild for materialistic gains which in turn fill the life with stress and anxiety. Happiness is always in demand because it comes with loads of positive energy which is important to lead a prosperous and fulfilling life. We know...

July 31, 2022Astro

People buy houses expecting to live and lead a life which will be full of happiness and prosperity. Same thinking process is applied when people buy  new office place in the form of plots or rooms. People spend huge amount money to buy space and try to make it their own. Once they buy the...

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These days, confidence of people on Vastu Shastra has a strong influence and it can create a huge difference in their lives. Sometimes, people tend to think that Vastu Shastra is only concerned with the buildings, their position, lay-out, directions but on the contrary it deals with many more things that people can imagine. Moreover, Vastu...

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According to our ancient Indian scholars, Vastu is a combination of various sciences that uses nature’s rhythm to implement and maintain a sense of well being to human’s life. Through Vastu it is possible to prevent mental agony, negative energy, and achieve mental peace, by simply arranging or correcting your surroundings. By applying some simple...

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These days, finance is the heart and soul of every business and a growing trend of Vastu for business have been noticed in the architecture and interior designing in different business sectors. Whether it is starting up a new business, achieve faster growth with expansion, mergers or takeovers, or any kind of business, owners these...

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