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Vastu Guru Ritesh Goel has multidisciplinary expertise from over 15 years in Vedic Astrology, Residential & Commercial Vastu Shastra, Gem Stones, Numerology, Signature Consultation, Financial Astrology, Complete Brand Consultation and Match-making. He does an in-depth analysis of your birth chart with detailed explanations of the placements and aspects of your planets and angles. This analysis is personalized based on your birthday and time, which makes it unique. He also describes the angular planets in your birth chart.

The main task of Vedic Consultants is to calculate and predict an individual`s fortune based on Kundli and the most accurate Kundli is created by him based on the client`s fortune`s calculations. He has immense experience in preparing career horoscopes based on date and time of birth and analyzing horoscopes to advise clients about upcoming events. He can prepare a horoscope by calculating the zodiac signs based on the position of the planets, their relationship with each other and influences such as the time and place of the client`s birth.

He makes predictions about future moments or understands the meaning of past or present events or situations by studying the influence of numbers through the practice of numerology. He has practised learning to use numerological prediction schemes to interpret numbers dating back thousands of years. The calculation here is based on the number associated with the name and repeated for future predictions.

As a renowned astrologer, Vastu Guru Ritesh Goel help other people understand more clearly. He believes that the birth chart or horoscope shows that our arrival in this world is not a tabula rasa, but a readiness to experience the complex drama of our life from birth to death with certain characters on stage.

In the counselling process, he stands at the interface between fate and will – on the one hand, he helps the client confirm who they are, perhaps knowing they are being honest with themselves; but, on the other hand, he helps them see and expand the possible expression of their birth energy.

His astrology and predictions are highly accurate because of the exceptional knowledge of Astrology and Vastu Shastra possess, pure knowledge about the planets, planetary configurations and stars and how they affect the life and behaviour of a person when they move or even stay. Clients usually visit him for services like Kundli comparison, horoscope prediction, daily horoscope, weekly horoscope, Residential & Commercial Vastu Advisory, Gem Stones, Numerology, Signature Consultation, Financial Astrology Advice, Complete Brand Consultation and Match-making process. For more than 15 years, he has had nothing but client satisfaction with the material related to astrology he provides.


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